Sunday, July 13, 2014

World Cup Brews

So which beer shall we choose to get hammered to while watching the World Cup?  Will it be the oh so refreshing Antares Honey Beer from Argentina?  Perhaps a delightful Schneider Weiss from Germany? Hmmm, choices, choices.

 Nope, in honor of the great job that the host country did in presenting the World Cup we are going to slop down a couple of Guanabara Imperial Stouts from Cervarjaria Colorado in Brazil - 10% ABV.  Founded in 1995, Cerverjaria Colorado is named after it’s first brewing equipment, purchased on the used market. Marcelo Carneiro da Rocha, struggling for a name for his fledgling brewery, thought to himself “The equipment is from Colorado! A good name for a brewery!” Indeed, the brewery is Pan-American, with gear from Canada, The United States and Brazil.

This monster comes to us from Rio de Janeiro and is made by one of Brazil's first craft breweries.  The color is super dark brown, almost black, with little light passing through.  The nose is of big roasted malts, molasses, candy sugar and chocolate. The flavors are wonderfully blended but the black Rapadura sugar (a form of brown cane sugar) means that the beer will be, and is, a bit sweet.  The initial sip gives you the coffee, chocolate and malts, but at the end of the swallow you get the cloying sweetness of the sugar that resides on your tongue for a while.  The sweetness and alcohol become more apparent as the beer warms.

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