Thursday, December 11, 2014

Restaurant/Brewery Review - Ulele

We finally were able to reserve a spot for dinner in one of Tampa's hottest new restaurants, Ulele. The most exciting aspect of the coming evening is that it is also a brewery, SCORE! Wait, sorry, we were wrong, it was wide to the left..

If I were a restaurateur and wanted to include a brewery, I would do so because I did not want to serve my clients fizzy piss water beers.  You know, the mass market corporate beers that every other hipster joint in town serves.  Why, oh why, then did the owners of Ulele decide to brew their own fizzy piss water beers to replace the mass market fizzy piss water beers?  The selection was stunningly boring.  Ulele Light, Water Works Pale, Honey Lager ....YAWN.  There was absolutely nothing on tap that interested me enough to order it .... truly one of the most boring, uninspired selection of beers that I have ever seen in a brewery and I quite literally ordered water instead.

The food was pretty good, a bit better than average, but not much more than average.  The fish was over-cooked, the asparagus was under-cooked and the food was all served tepid warm.  For all of the hoopla (including a Golden Spoon Award as one of the best new restaurants in Florida) we were quite taken aback by the lack of inspiration.  We would be willing to return to Ulele but will not put in on our list of preferred dining spots.

1810 North Highland Avenue
Tampa, FL 33602

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